Friday, June 29, 2012

Surviving graduation day

Graduation day feels more or less like every other "Bad" decision I took in my life. I signed up for it without really thinking it through. It turned out to include a load of work I was not prepared for, which i end up doing anyway. I plan and decide and clear out my schedule for it. Put effort, money and time for it, with a devotion that seems mystical. I end up not pleased with the results I get, for something I didn't really want to do and therefore should not care, but I guess that is the price one pays for being a Taurus, you take everything literally and do it professionally.
On the day of the big event (which I have cleared out) I start with my schedule. For this case it was a kind of home spa. All those painful things that we women like doing to ourselves. And I was ahead of schedule, until I wasn't; cuz somewhere along the way I decided I had enough time to clean the house and surf the internet, which resulted in me doing my make-up in the car on the way to Nicosia. BTW Cyprus roads are REALLY bumpy.
There I start ed liking the whole idea and had lots of fun. I saw ppl I care about graduate and smile, reinvented old relationships and remembered in tears how it is I got there in the first place. A special thanks to Meme for being my lighthouse, my strength and so much more. I will not forget last night, it was wonderful.  

This is the Soundtrack of the after math, what I am singing today!

Words of advice:
If you are about to Graduate and you are a control freak you would probably want to look into the following list. Although I consider myself one and hence I tried to do this by the book, I failed to go through with some of these MUST DO.
  1. CLOTHES: Naturally you would want to wear something nice. Make sure you give enough time for shopping or picking out the your outfit and having it ready for the day with appropriate shoes and accessories. (I went shopping, didn't pick out something, so I ended up pulling something out of my closet on the spot. FAIL)
  2. TIMEFRAME: When they tell you be there at 6:30, what really happens is that ppl start showing up at about 7!!!!! (Κυπραίοι μανα μου!!) So don't worry about sticking to their rules. 6:30-7:30 we were sitting around, joking, singing Elvis songs (at least I was!), fixing make up and hair, catching up and most importantly............ wait for it................... GETTING OUR DEGREE. Cuz when you get up there they only give you a huge envelope with a congrats letter. So don't stress about the time, but if you get their soon you'll have fun. (EXCELLENT)  
  3. GUESTS: Make sure your friend and family know what time you must be there. The ceremony begins (by my standards) when you march in and take your seat. It's a very nice moment, which they shouldn't miss. Its also a good cuz you get good seats. (FAIL) Its also nice to know where YOUR ppl are sitting and they know where YOU are sitting. That way you have a focal point. (Meme actually came looking for me through the barricade of security!!! EXCELLENT)
  4. FOOD: Since you will be there early and will probably leave last make sure you and your family are fed! We left home at 5:30, which means I was getting dressed since 4:30, and got back home at 11. I had not eaten since breakfast and at some point I felt really bad. Of course you can't get up, go eat and come back!! The best course of action is to get dressed, get your gear ready and go for lunch. You can do make up once you are there. (FAIL) 
  5. PICTURES: It's picture time!! This is something that you would want to remember for ever and although you wont forget this night its good to have proof it existed, so pics are the best way to do that. Have someone from the family, or invite a friend that likes taking pictures, even if it is from random ppl and graduates. Its sure that you will know some of them and at some point the law of probabilities says that they will capture you too. After the ceremony make sure they stick around for some hugs and shots with you and your gown. So have empty memory and full battery and .... SMILE. (BIG FAIL, to compensate I will probably to to a professional studio and take some shots)

Congrats to everyone that ever graduated! We did it! :)


  1. νομίζω ότι ως επιστήμονας Βιολόγος έχεις τη βάση αλλά κυρίως το μυαλό να κάνεις πολλά. Βιολόγος δεν είσαι?

  2. συγχαρητήρια! :)

    εγώ από ότι θυμούμαι ήταν μια ωραία μέρα... έφαα τζαι παγωτό.. :ρ χαχαχα

    υ.γ. τα συγχαρητήρια μου τζαι στην άλλη νεραιδούλα... :ρ