Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Liar, Liar... pants on fire!

Never thought that this was true. That if you told a lie your pants will caught fire! But it is! Today I had live proof of it.
This is how it happened. Today I had an encounter on a social network. You know when people start talking to you and they expect that you are all perky and happy 24/7 and of course you are available to chat or video-call and they get all defensive and offended if you actually HAVE a life. Don't get me wrong I like to chat and communicate but not with pushe ppl! So I lied. It was one of those little white lies that mean no harm.. eg. "I am going to the market" when the truth is u are going to the market and then for a coffee but cuz u just know its non of their biz-wax you omit the coffee part. Of course now I am ashamed of my lie cuz I should be able to tell the whole truth without caring how the person will use or interpret the info he gets.
So I said "I ll brb" when I knew the chore would take longer and I omit to mention that I was going to put in a load of clothes. Omittance is just as "truth" as a "true lie".

Real fire. I-called-the-fire-department fire.
I had put out the fire when they arrived, but they are the experts so I don't regret calling.

So was it my lie that provoke my luck and liars do get on fire? In my life I had a lot of incidences of wrong-doing and immediate redemption. Is that person a ΚΑΚΑΟΥΣΚΙΑ? perhaps both and because I want to secure my family's safety and the safety of our property, I will stay away of lies, omissions of the truth and KAKAOYSKIES!

PS1: BTW the response of the fire department is as immediate as insulin in a type B diabetic's body. It's there but it's just wondering around, and get's to the point of interest only with help!! I have two terms for you: call centers and GPS μανα μου! 112 call centre ppl are not "whoever has free time or a broken leg gets to answer the phone" kinda people, they should be able to respond faster than average and can handle panicy ppl plus provide some kind of advice of what to do while you wait for help. and GPS! they exist for a reason you know! to help you go where you are supposed to go fast!
PS2: An another thing: how come people like to stare at destruction??? ppl all over the neighborhood an the street came over. I don't blame them. Its an intuitive need to make sure that their terrain is safe but PLS... u can be polite while you are doing it, cant u?!


  1. Replies
    1. i think God is trying to teach you a lesson... :p xaxaxaxaxax

      the good thing is that you are ok, and there was no destruction of property (was it?).

      as for the final question on your ps2. i can only say: remember where you live, my dear... we have big noses... :p (and a lot of dead cats too...)

      ps3. hope the washing machine was under guarantee...

    2. Noni m, paei to pluntirio m!!! :/ => there wasd destruction of property (no quarantee), but that is trivial to what can happen in a fire!!
      I think that it was meant to happen and it did in the less destructive way possible!
      Btw lesson learned ;)

      Thanks :)

  2. Oh my goooooooooooooooooooood!
    I read with my mouth hanging open.

    Are you ok????????????

    You have that thing with lies and things that you do not feel good doing.

    So just be yourself!!!

    p.s. Of course I can wash your clothes! That's what moms are for!

    1. standard! I wash you iron! :) i kaluteri sou! :P