Monday, June 11, 2012

Germans saved the day!!

I always knew the Germans had the ability to save the world. Either by plan or mere fortune, they take the right steps towards a better world. The means they find are not always praised (forcing wars, being stubborn, having clear declared positions). Perhaps they should learn from the other great power of the world (their name starts w USA) and make their opponents starve, then look like terrorists, make them fight each other and then just obliterate them. Then nobody would have any problem with it cuz its called defense and saving the world from bad people. Anyway! Portugal -Gemany was a great game. 90+ exciting minutes, each with something to see while holding your breath. Even though we were cheering for Germany, Portugal gave a good fight and their game was perfect (except Ronaldo!).  Unfortunately (for them) they were defeated, basically because because their goalkeeper was from LYMPIA! ATTENTION: if you have no idea what Lympia is, consider yourself lucky and make no attempt to google it!!On another note the German hairdresser was better, which was odvious cuz the German's do helped him get the winning goal, while Ronaldo (you know... a tall, weird looking guy that does a lot of commercials...) lost a lot of points on the hair field!
Germany-Portugal 1-0

I am ashamed to say that I did not watch the whole game between Netherland and Denmark cuz I was making a salad and getting ready to go to dinner. But it seems that the Netherlands were just as caught by surprise by the goal and by the how early in the game Denmark took the lead as I was when I noticed I was going to be late for dinner. No worries the dinner was great. Sorry I can't say the same about the game!
Netherlands- Denmark 0-1 (!!!!!)

 Sunday's games on the other hand went as planned! Spain and Italy put on a good show. I did not know who to cheer for but Italy (as a country) is one of my fav so...   But they were both good! when two teams are equally good, i.e the level of the players is the same, football becomes a chess game between the coaches. Strategy, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your players and the opponents players is the key to winning. That is way Spain was the regina (queen) of the game. They got the Italians running up and down and therefore unable to create goal potential, which is all they need to score. Well, if the result of a game is supposed to reflect who is the best, this game had a fair outcome, they are equally good!
Spain- Italy 1-1

Had no idea Croatia was this good at creating goal potential. Their 3 goals tonight are a proof of that. We thoink the Irish play soccer like the American team, both good, but neither pays serious attention to the sport. Plus the game was kinda slow though. I dont know how could I snooze in the middle of a game! I was asleep through the 3rd goal! That is not good!
Croatia- Ireland 3-1

We have a new logo for the Euro 2012, hopefully we will have it ready tomorrow

from the family komentatorzy
(Cześć=Ciao and komentatorzy= commentators in Polish)


  1. i didn't know you were such big fan of football... :p

    i lost the Sunday's games cause i had to attend to a wedding...

    1. Ma j tt pan j pantreukounte enw eshei Euro??? tststs Elpizw na se ekalu4a me to recap!

  2. Good job!
    Keep commentatoring!

    p.s. What do you mean : Do not attempt to google it??????

  3. XAXAXA na men to 4a3oun kan!! tr p to laleis na to kamw google na dw ti selides vgazei