Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Save EARTH! Its the only planet with chocolate

We should save the planet for all the normal logical reasons, but then again there is chocolate.... the infinite joy of enjoying a creamy tasty bar. Cakes and chocolate drinks work as well I am not picky about it! 
 A new research has shown that eating a piece of chocolate daily lowers the risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and other health issues in women. the research had 10 000 women eat chocolate daily for a long period of time and then they measured results. I could not find the research on line but this website is nice for more info and confirmation 

Now i have a totally scientific concern! in medical research for new drugs a group of the patients are taking a placebo, as control, sth that looks like the drug but has no effect on the disease. but how is the study correct without a placebo, cuz nth tastes, fells, smells like chocolate except chocolate. and then they have forced all these women to eat chocolate daily just to prove a point?? where are the ethics in that? dont you think that it is cruel to MAKE somebody do something sooooooo pleasing every day?? 
so the results are biased. I believe some of the credit needs to go to the feeling of doing sth utterly pleasing! just the thought of eating chocolate everyday makes you feel better (unless you have a rare condition called choc intolerance, poor you). Cant our health become better because we are doing things we love. and if that is not enough we can declare it healthy by our selves!!! If I like drawing I can say: drawing raises the good hormones and lowers heart pressure! now I can draw myself into being happy, because happy is healthy! 
So on Saturday when someone calls you up and asks y are you still in bed you can lusciously answer: "I am Snoozing to stay healthy!"

:) love ya


  1. Sooooo you have just given me one more good reason to enjoy chocolates!

    I am a healthy person! I eat chocolate everyday and I snooze for hours!

    Love ya too!

  2. while enjoying the spirit of your blog and reading about biased results, it reminded me a style of writing of my own adventures. perhaps we're very close as writers, no matter how far...take good care!

  3. Hello and thanks for linking to my 'Heart Sisters' article here called "Is Chocolate Good For Women's Heart Health"?

    As a heart attack survivor who's had to make huge changes in almost every facet of life, it's one of the few real treasures in life to know that my (dark!) chocolate may actually be good for my heart!
    Carolyn Thomas

  4. It is a Very good article and thank you for sharing your experience with the world! :)

    Neraida m you are healthy and beautiful because you are you <3