Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Flirting and other extreme sports

 The following took place between 4am and 4:15am somewhere on the border of Backyard and Pavement, right across the Roses Bush. The events of this tale are not fictional although they have been modified as everything that really happens is digested in order for our little minds to embrace the experience. There are 3 fellows in this tale:
M-> The Man (also known as : husband to R, Cutie, Mr Right, Awesome, Wonderful .....)
W-> Woman (aka: the neighbor who walks up and down the street trying rail in her rebel 10yo daughter)
R-> Rana (aka: the woman that needed surgery to put her jaw back in place)

M is doing some work in the garden, takin care of the weeds, watering etc. A dozen children are playing in the street as always, using whatever the Gracious Lord has at their disposal: bikes, the neighbor's dog, blocks, wood, weeds anything they can get their hands on, and the mothers as always are desperately trying to handle them.

W: I want to have your children (and then a strange silense that seemed to go on forever!)
R, her jaw dropped, hearing mesmerized what this woman is telling her husband. She is sitting behind the olive tree camouflaged and able to just watch this strange encounter
M: (turns his head to look at the person who disturbed his gardening) What?
W: It is not fair! you must have a child, or children. You two are free to go out whenever you want without caring about baby sitting and time frames. You are sooooooo quiet! All the rest of us are running up and down to get them to do things. You are so HAPPY! you must have kids to see what this is all about. I must have your children.
Her rumbling seemed to go on and on, not just verbal but with expressions of rage and desperation as if her world was falling apart and there was only this one thread of hope, one thing she felt she must do : see to it that this man has an offspring, for which i cant blame her. Evolutionary speaking, he IS a HUNK, his genes should go into the next generation, just for the sake of humanity.
M: (being as polite as he can be) It is too early for us but we will have kids someday....
R has now pulled herself together and she is waiting; like a lioness awaits for her pray to do one wrong move. But the rest of the scene unfolds quietly. they exchange some regular remarks about the weather and they go back to their business (railing in children and gardening).

Now to be fair the words "I want to have your children..." were never spoken but it sure as hell sounded like that is what she said from where I was standing. No blood was shed, no hearts were broken but in the course of 15min (and a page long story) we have the illustration of 3 extreme sports: flirting (demonstrated by W), having children (demonstrated by W) and gardening (demonstrated by M). So whatever you might be doing, be aware that it can easily turn into hazardous business, under the wrong circumstances...


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