Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear Baba-Mouneh

Dear Baba-Mouneh*,
How are you this year? I know this is a busy time of the year for you. I am so happy we have this good relationship. I ask, you provide, you enjoy seeing my joy, I enjoy thanking you..... Every year I make a list with eth I would like to have and then they magically appear in my life. I do understand that there is nothing magic about the power of love and will, but it is more cute to put this into the magic realm of the season than the regular, everyday reality.
My list this year consists of little wishes, little stars that i would like to cast upon the heads of the ones I love to take care of them, care for them in times of trouble, provide light in times of difficult choices, warmth when they feel alone, inspiration, wisdom... cuz I am not there for them all the time. Choice, time and distance have come between us in such a way that my presence (physical or inspirational) is either not permitted or called upon.
I know every year my list is all about shoes, clothes and other stuff that would presumably make my life easier but this year my need to protect them from any harm (real or imaginary) exceeds any other.

Not like this! ! please dont give them tattoos!

Or like this!

Something more like this:

so this is what i want this year: stars that shine bright!

thank you! 
and btw also getting me a car cant hurt, cuz I 'm sick of the busses!


*Baba-Mouneh is my version of Santa. being of a certain age i know that presents are store bought and that the loved ones in our life are the true benefactors. So my Santa (the one that makes my wishes come true) is an actual person, and Baba-mouneh is a variation of the french term Baba Noel (Saint Nic)


  1. I am happy that Baba_Mouneh will hear your wish list and give a star to every person you love!
    So... I will have a present this year!

  2. The Christmas Star shines in Bethlehem like no other star on earth, it is an astronomical phenomenon of He, who took on his shoulders the sins of the world, the brightest one...

  3. πάει σου καλλύττερα το αγγλικό ρε μενέλαε... εκατάλαβα τα ούλλα!