Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I look around me and I see the accumulation of randomly obtained or picked objects. I have always had this positive characteristic: I fit things together to create a nice matrix, a scenery, an alternative reality. I use what I already have to make a better today. Objects, thoughts and visions pop into my mind and challenge me.
"I am the one, pick me! I will be perfect for this empty corner here."
"Now is the time to use me in an imagery."
"I must be moved! Try putting me in the office instead of the living room"
The challenge is whether or not I will obey these little voices. Will I listen to my subconscious and go with the flow? When I was younger I considered that there is no way to go wrong when you do that,  but after rigorous experimentation I discovered this is not 100% true. So in an attempt to minimize mistakes I rationalize. Has any person, living or dead, ever made a good decision by rationalizing? I dare say NOT!
So why does the reluctance to obey the subconscious comes later in life? Is it a phase or will it get stronger by time? Do spontaneous combustions of smartness give way to other useful attributes like............ hm ............... let me think of some....................... Nothing comes to me now but I am sure that there are some. Just like I am sure that life is a wheel, one day you are on top and another you are squashed under it.
Just like I am sure that tomorrow I will create greatness, I will find new ways to criticize me and the things around me. For now I  am not sure whether I will always be able to redress mistakes and afford making new ones.