Thursday, May 17, 2012


Surviving is one of our intuitive skills. Finding the way out of a forest, running as fast as we can from a hungry beast (aka boss) is embedded deep in our innermost thoughts. It's actually neither a skill or a talent. Its what we are built to do: survive and create offsprings, Genetic copies of us.Trust me I am a biologist, I know.
And in just three lines I have summarized my life for the past months. I have been surviving, trying to become a biologist and learning how to be an off spring. But all that has ended now. It actually ended on May, 14 (which coincidentally is my birthday, if you believe in such a trivial concept as coincidence).
Now I am in one piece, have learned from experience (is there any other way to learn???) and ready to share (cuz if you dont share it, it doesn't count.)
Therefore, I am back and preparing  a couple of surviving workshops/posts, full with tools tips and such.

So good morning new day, good morning new year..... I don't know what challenges you have prepared for me but I am here waiting to make the best out of them

Keep smiling hangers

Yours trully
The sunbathed Interruptor  


  1. You survived your birthday party and you wonder about studying and projects?

    It's really so nice to have you back!

    Looking forward for your surviving posts!

    1. i' ve got nothing to say to that... :p

      welcome back Interruptor... :)

  2. thank you βασιλομήτωρ! αναμεινατε στο ακουστικο σας :)))